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Expertly crafted study materials in Tamil and English by UPSC exam preparation experts and students, with 19,000+ MCQs arranged by topics for each subject along with multiple test series, make UPSC Unlimited a one-stop solution for UPSC aspirants.

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19000+ UPSC MCQ questions with 9 subjects and topics

UPSC Unlimited Exam Prep

Ace your UPSC competitive exam with UPSC Unlimited: Exam Prep 2023! designed by Unlimited Apps. With 19000+ questions arranged by topics for each subject along with multiple test series. The education app offers a fun, easy, and fast way to speed up your UPSC exam preparation. With a seamless user interface, UPSC Unlimited is the ideal platform to test your skills with MCQ questions and Mock Tests.

What We Offer

The UPSC UNLIMITED preparation program helps students prepare for the UPSC with ease. We are not affiliated with the Government agency or any other authority that conducts the UPSC Exam.

Prelims Exams_edited.jpg

Suitable for UPSC prelims exam

MCQs with QA_edited.jpg

19000+ MCQs with explanation by topic wise

Custom Mock Tests_edited.jpg

Custom Mock Tests with unlimited attempts

Previous Year Questions_edited.jpg

Practice Test with Past Year Question Papers

Subjects covered

  • Aptitude

  • Current Affairs

  • Environment & Ecology

  • General Knowledge

  • General Science

  • Geography

  • History

  • Indian Economy

  • Indian Polity

  • Past Year Questions

Examinations Covered

  • General Studies Prelims

  • Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT)

What Our Customers Say


Blindly go for it.. it contain 1000+ plus quiz in each. The best solution for every upsc problem .. Even syllabus also clearly described. Thanks a lot

- Afrah Fathima


This app is extremely useful for UPSC preparation. It has many mock test and also previous year questions to practice. Almost all topics have been covered and very easy to use. I strongly recommend to use this for preparation.

- Adhirai Nakkeeran


The best feature of the UPSC Unlimited App is its extensive content library. It covers a wide range of subjects and topics relevant to the UPSC examination, including detailed study materials, interactive quizzes, current affairs updates. The content is well-structured and presented in a user-friendly manner, making it easy to navigate and absorb the information.

- Revathy Banu

Prepare. Practice. Succeed.

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